Objectives, calendar and procedure


Among others, the proposed amendments to the HIC By Law (2008) have the following objectives:

-Update the contents of the former By Law according to HIC´s 2013 Constitution.

-Offering Members the possibility of choosing the type of contribution s/he wants to make. Contributions comprise (i) research and documentation, (ii) formation, (iii) networking, (iv) fundraising and management and (v) dues.
Contributions (i) to (iv) are in line with HIC’s strategy and contribute to strengthen the Coalition; (v) dues are annual financial contributions. The evaluation of their membership status will be based on these contributions.

-Strengthen HIC democratic procedures and transparency, formalizing changes that appeared in HIC practice during the last decade.

-Facilitate the participation of HIC members in the construction of a stronger and more active Coalition.

-Giving the members the opportunity to share their activities and their daily work.

-Implement the main agreements that were made during the evaluation process (2012).

 Calendar and procedure

The process is scheduled to last 7 weeks:

(i) First, second and third weeks, from 09-06-2014 to 30-06-2014:
The proposed version of the By Law will be presented in the Member Space. There you´ll find a link to the blog where comments can be posted. You may leave your general comments in the space provided below the objectives and your specific comments below each section of the By Law. It is required to leave your full name and email address for each comment you will post.

(ii) Fourth and fifth weeks,  from 01-07-2014 to 14-07-2014:
The General Secretariat will draft the final proposal coordinating the different comments.

(iii) Sixth and seventh weeks, from 15-07-2014 to 28-07-2014:
The By Law will be submitted to the General Assembly which will vote online for its approval.

By-Law´s index

By-Law, definitions, abbreviations and temporary provisions

A. Membership
a. Members’ Assessment
Paragraphs 1 – 6
b. Friends’ Assessment
Paragraphs 7 – 10

B.  Board and Presidency
a. President and Board Members Election
Paragraphs 11-12: Election of Board Members
Paragraphs 13 – 15: Right to Vote, Eligibility and Nominations
Paragraphs 16 – 20: Elegibility for Board representatives
Paragraphs 21 – 22: Elegibility for HIC President
Paragraphs 23: Elegibility for Representatives of social Movements, Women’s and/or Feminist Movements and Discriminated Groups or Minorities
Paragraphs 24 – 26: Nominations
Paragraphs 27 – 36: Electoral Process for Representatives of HIC Reference Centres
Paragraphs 37 – 38: Presidential Elections
Paragraphs 39 – 42: Designation of the Representatives of social Movements, Women’s and/or Feminist Movements and Discriminated Groups or Minorities
Paragraphs 43 – 45: Vacancy of a Board Member position
Paragraphs 46 – 50: Results, Validation of election Results and Mediation Group
Paragraphs 51 – 53: Vacancy of the President

b. Responsibilities of the President
Paragraphs 54 – 61

c. Responsibilities of the Board Members
Paragraphs 62 – 67

C. General Secretariat
a.  Appointment of the General Secretary
b. Responsibilities of the General Secretary

D. Reference Centres
a. Status of a Reference Centre
b. Responsibilities of the Reference Centres

E. Working Groups
a. Status of a Working Group
b. Responsibilities of the Working Groups

F. Wisdom Keepers
a. Appointment of a Member
b. Functions of the Wisdom Keepers

Important note

The document to be approved in this process develops the content of points A and B. Points C, D, E and F will be drafted subsequently. The content of points C, D, E and F may affect that of points A and B.



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