Paragraphs 1 – 6: Members’ Assesment

Article 4 of the HIC Constitution defines HIC Members and the way they collaborate, based on contributions as determined by the Board.

1. Contributions comprise active participation in HIC’s tasks and activities, shared by the member in the Member Space and dues. These contributions are in line with HIC’s strategy and contribute to strengthen the Coalition. Dues are annual financial contributions.

Each member may choose the type of contribution s/he wants to make. The evaluation of their membership status will be based on these contributions.

2. Following is a list of contributions:

–        Research and Documentation

    • Contributes with HIC in the drafting and/or submission of a parallel report to a UN body.
    • Contributes with HIC members and/or structures of HIC in the drafting and/or submission of other reports and documents to UN bodies.
    • Elaborates documents in an HIC active working group.
    • Participates in HIC’s research missions as (description must be defined by the member).
    • Participates in the HLRN “Urgent Action System” as (description must be defined by the member).
    • Contributes to the HLRN “Violations Database” (VDB) either adding new cases, updating the database or dissemination its contents.
    • Translates and distributes HIC documents into local languages.
    • Provides with material to HIC’s global documents (HIC News, declaration, position papers, other publications).
    • Contributes with other documentary and research tasks.

–        Formation

    • Participates in training-related issues in HIC events as (description must be defined by the member).
    • Shares training methodologies and contents in HICademy curricula.
    • Organises training sessions through the HICademy.
    • Other training contributions.

–        Networking

    • Calls for the creation of a Working Group and does the follow up of its tasks.
    • Plays an active role in a Working Group.
    • Participates on behalf of HIC in local events/activities (direct action, public advocacy, policy analysis, etc.).
    • Represents HIC at public events as (description must be defined by the member).
    • Participates in an Electoral Committee as (description must be defined by the member).
    • Initiate collaborations with other(s) member(s) of HIC.
    • Promotes the name of HIC (organising events, using HIC’s logo, disseminating HIC’s website on the webpage of his/her organisation, etc.).
    • Informs and helps new applicant(s) when applying for HIC’s membership.
    • Actively participates in HIC’s online tools (blog, Member Space, HICademy, etc.).
    • Other contributions to networking.

–        Fundraising and management

    •  Participates in regional or global HIC events, covering own costs for travel and/or accommodation.
    •  Mobilises resources to cover other HIC members’ participation in regional or global HIC events.
    •  Provides other type of administrative and/or legal services.
    •  Other contributions to fundraising and management.

–        Dues are the following:

USD 50 for an annual budget below USD 50.000

USD 100 for an annual budget of USD 50.001 a USD 100.000

USD 200 for an annual budget of USD 100.001 a USD 200.000

USD 400 for an annual budget over  USD 200.001

3. The annual evaluation of the Members contributions falls back on the Secretariat, in coordination with the Board members and the Reference Centres. The tool allowing the validation of member status is available in the Member Space (Contributions to HIC). Contributions by HIC Members must be tailored to each of the regions in which they perform their task. It is the Secretariat’s responsibility, in coordination with the Board Members and the Reference Centres, to revise and update the list of contributions keeping this in mind.

4. In the event that a member fails to make a contribution in the course of one year, s/he will lose his/her right to vote. This right will be renewed as soon as there is a new contribution. The General Secretariat must inform the member about his/her renewed right to vote.

5. Gender indicators for contributions other than dues are the following:

–        GBA: Includes a gender-based analysis

–        SDD: Includes Sex disaggregated data

–        NSL: Uses non-sexist language

–        WGO: Involves women and women’s groups/organizations

6. Every member must send his/her list of contributions, updated and documented once a year. to the General Secretariat and the Reference Center (depending on the region). The list will be reviewed by HIC structures to ensure that the member receives the full benefits s/he is entitled to – including his/her right to vote during the next 365 days starting from the date the document is sent. The list must be received no less than two weeks prior to the cut off date for the purposes of voting in a regional election or a general assembly.

Dues must be received prior to the start of the General Assembly meeting or regional elections cut off as defined by EC.

2 comments on “Paragraphs 1 – 6: Members’ Assesment
  1. Barry Pinsky says:

    Congratulations to all involved for all of the work involved in the new HIC constitution and by-laws. Many housing co-ops in Canada used to have mandatory participation by-laws requiring residents/members to provide a minimum number of hours of service. By and large these were abandoned over the years because they are difficult to manage and can be very divisive especially if not meeting the requirement has any possibility of someone losing their membership and their house.

    I wonder if HIC might not better consider a reward system of some kind rather than the punishment of losing the vote. I think we have enough problems getting people to vote! Maybe a reward as simple as a certificate which could provided electronically(or at the AGM) and special recognition of active members on the website would be enough. I do agree that it is very important that members report on their HIC related activities – this is something our funders would certainly like to see.

    I agree that in any case, it is essential for all HIC members to make affordable financial contributions to HIC.

  2. Dear Barry,
    You are right: HIC has to avoid sanctions and to promote rewards. The membership certificate exists since long; it’s not enough. Therefore the idea to value any kind of the Members’ contributions on the website, publishing reports and articles, or using HIC name and log in the Members’ activities.
    The issue of the affordable financial contribution is important but, defitively not enough. Therefore, the necessity to enhance the so called “in kind” contributions facilitating a broader and a diversified way for the Members’ contribitions, participations and visibility, beyond the 50 dollars.
    Have a good day!

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