Par. 46 – 50: Results, Validation of election Results and Mediation Group

46. The new Member of the Board is the candidate who has received the most votes. The replacement member shall be the second most voted candidate of the opposite sex. The alternate is the candidate of opposite sex who has received the next highest number of votes.

47. The responsible EC shall certify the validity of the election of a Board member by verifying and documenting the participation of a quorum of at least ten percent (10%) of eligible voting HIC Members in the Structure or of eligible voting HIC members in HIC President Elections.

48. In the event of the election process being inquorate, the EC shall inform the Board and all the voters who belong to the relevant HIC Structure proposing a solution.

49. Any objection to the election procedure or results shall be submitted in writing to the GS no later than one (1) month after the elections have been held and with support of at least 10 percent (10%) of the eligible voters of the relevant region. A Mediation Group formed by a Board member, a delegate of the EC and representatives of the parties analyzes the objections raised and seek agreement for the validatation, or not, of elections.

50. If, within two months after the announcement of results the election, no objection to the electoral procedure or outcome is raised consistent with the conditions provided in paragraph 46 of the present By Law, the election shall be validated.


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