Par. 27 – 36: Electoral Process for Representatives of HIC Reference Centres

27. The regional coordinators of the Reference Centres are responsible for ensuring that their Structure conducts the elections by notifying all constituent members of the electoral process and calling for volunteer members to serve at the Electoral Committee (EC) six (6) months before the end of the current Board representative’s term. In the event that the Structure fails to fulfil its duty to convene an election in its region, the General Secretary shall coordinate the call for the election process four (4) months before the end of the outgoing representative’s term or before the occurrence of a vacancy. However, this measure should only be taken as a last resort as the Secretariat should not replace the autonomous role and responsibilities of Reference Centres. The General Secretariat shall inform the Board of the situation and procedures and set up an appropriate Electoral Committee in compliance with this By-law.

28. The EC, HIC Centre of Reference and the General Secretariat shall establish voting procedures in accordance with the Constitution of HIC and this By-law.

29. The EC should be comprised of at least three (3) Member representatives with gender and geographical diversity from among the Members of the respective region in which the election takes place. The members of the EC shall be responsible for determining the division of labour and nominating a coordinator of the overall process.

30. The ECs shall submit its election plan to the HIC Board in order to certify its compliance with the HIC Constitution and with this By-law at least three (3) months before the end of the electoral process.

31. The EC members are not be eligible to nominate or contest for any candidacy for the election that they serve. However, EC members´organizations are entitled to vote if they fulfil the requirements of paragraph 35. EC members serve on a voluntary basis. Under no circumstances shall a member of an Electoral Committee accept or receive any remuneration for his/her service. The EC shall set a timetable for the electoral process, including the deadline for receiving votes.

32. The EC, in coordination with the Reference Centre associated with the election process and the General Secretariat, shall identify the HIC Member organisations which are entitled to vote and elaborate a list with their names and the names of their representatives. The EC shall ensure that the calls for nominations, the communications with voters and the voting process are carried out through reliable media channels.

33. Votes for the representatives of HIC Regions shall be cast by email, ensuring the most complete level of participation of eligible voters and with the support of online meetings and telephone calls.

34. The call on members to vote shall include the names of the candidates, of the member-organisations they represent, of the nominating members and a brief description of the candidates. The EC shall distribute guidelines on the voting process to voters no less than three (3) months before the end of the term of the outgoing representative.

35. Each organization member of HIC has the right to one (1) vote. The EC shall respect all Members’ right to a confidential vote and shall not disclose any specific Member’s electoral choice. However, if a HIC Member raise an objection to the result outcome, the Mediation Group shall have access to the register of votes, in accordance with paragraphs 46 to 50 of this By-law.

36. Voting members should post their mail-in vote no later than eight (8) weeks prior to the end of the outgoing term. After a careful counting of votes on the deadline date, the EC shall announce the results as soon as possible. The Electoral Committee shall retain a copy of the voting records for review or in case a recount is required further on by the Members, in accordance with paragraphs 49 and 50.


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