By-law / Definitions / Abbreviations / Temporary provisions


The following By-law complements the current HIC Constitution, which was approved by the 2013 General Assembly. It provides the criteria for procedures with the aim of ensuring the utmost possible participation and efficiency of the steering (General Assembly and Board) and operative bodies (General Secretariat, Reference Centres and Working Groups), while preserving the autonomy, the democratic processes, the integrity of HIC’s institutional framework and its unimpeded operation. In addition, it provides criteria for the integration and functional roles of the Wisdom Keepers

As established in article 21 of HIC’s Constitution:

1. The General Assembly may decide upon once or more by-laws on matters that are missing or are not exhaustively provided for in the Constitution.

2. A by-law may not contain paragraphs incompatible with the laws of the country where the seat of the Association is located or with this Constitution.

3. A revision of the by-laws can only be approved by the General Assembly by a simple majority of HIC Members present in person or online and voting at a duly constituted General Assembly meeting with a quorum (as defined in article 11 of HIC’s Constitution


Of the Board

The terms “Board Member” and “representative to the Board” are synonymous and refer to the individual who sits on the HIC Board and participate in the decission making as the representative of the members of the region which elected him/her.

The term “year” refers to twelve (12) months commencing with the date of election.

The term “period” refers to four (4) years starting from the date of the announcement of the results of the election of the Board Member or the designation of the representatives invited by the Board.

The term “limit of two consecutive terms” means that no member of the Board may serve in any position or any combination of positions on the HIC Board for more than eight (8) years consecutively in the case of Board members or members invited by the Board.

The term “Member Space” refers to the online platform, which can be used by all HIC Members. This platform has been created to facilitate exchanges among members. It ease the active participation in the initiatives and fights of the Coalition as well as the fulfillment of its mission.

Of the Members

The definition of members and friends are to be found in articles 4 and 6 of HIC’s Constitution.

“Contributions” are actions which allow the strengthening of HIC and the implementation of HIC’s strategy. These contributions are divided into 5 groups (i) research and documentation, (ii) training, (iii) networking, (iv) fundraising, funds management and other services (logistics, administration and legal), and (v) dues calculated according to the annual budget of the member organisation.

Of the General Secretary

The term “General Secretariat” refers to the team made up by the General Secretary and his/her collaborators.


EC: Electoral Committee.

HIC-LA: HIC’s Reference Centre in Latin America.

HIC-MENA: HIC’s Reference Centre in Middle East and North Africa.

HIC-SA: HIC’s Reference Centre in South Asia.

HLRN: Housing and Land Rights Network.

GS: General Secretariat.

WG: Working Groups.

Temporary Provisions

HIC regions which are entitled to have Board representation are the following: (i) Africa, (ii) Asia and Pacific, (iii) Latin America and the Caribbean, (iv) North America, (v) Europe, (vi) Middle East and North Africa. Current Reference Centres as of the date of this by-law are: (i) HIC-LA; (ii) HIC-MENA; (iii) HIC-SA, (iv) HLRN. Those working in the Reference Centers are considered as staff of the organization; they participate in the Board Meetings and in the General Assembly with the right to speak but without the right to vote.

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  1. admin says:

    Maria Margarita Ruiz (Fundación Servivienda): I have read the By-Lay carefullly and have no comments.

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